Shocking News Flash

I need a hat. Not only do I need one, here’s the shocker:


That’s where you all come in. If I am to wear a hat, it needs to be a fun hat. A funky hat. And a warm one. The wind here is strong. And I’ve found, for the first time in my life, a newfound appreciation for hats. So, send me the funnest, funkiest, warmest hat you can find…

And I will actually wear it…


Whale Sighting

Yesterday, just outside my home, I had the pleasure of viewing a whale cresting up out of the ocean. Just amazing. I did not have my camera with me, or even think about getting it, so no pics of it, unfortunately. But it was a pretty incredible sight.

Beautiful Savoonga

I woke up to the sound of the ocean pounding on the shore. This morning is bright and sunny, without the fog that has obscured the view and the sun for the last week. The day is gorgeous, with enough wind to keep it cool. It’s 54° right now and absolutely beautiful. Can it stay like this all year?

This post is pretty much worthless without pictures, but the camera is at home. You can try: and click on my island, then Savoonga.


We arrived in Savoonga on Sunday. After a rather questionable flight (it was extremely foggy in SVA) and the other airline had cancelled their flight to SVA, our airline decided to fly us out. That was an adventure. We descended from the fog, completely blind, to finally see that we were flying about 25 feet above the sea. We flew low for about a mile before landing on the runway, with a very short stop. So we unpacked our stuff, got our boxes, and settled in for the next day. We are pretty well unpacked, which is good since we are expecting all those tubs of food and other items (emptied the suitcases to accommodate more important things like cheese).

Tuesday, I flew out of SVA to UNK. Again, it was foggy. The flight was a charter and made a couple of passes before it landed. The amazing thing was that it was perfectly clear at Gambell, the other town on the island. We crested the bluff, and the fog was gone and there was Gambell. Incredible.

Anyway, it’s dinner time.

Shopping & Shipping

Is what we’ve spent the last 16 hours on. And with a much lighter purse, I ended up with this:


10 of those green totes and 3 of those flattened boxes contain my non-perishible provisions for the next few months. I’m good at packing – the totes (boxes) can weigh no more than 70 lbs. My heaviest one: 69lbs, 12oz! Good thing I ate one of those Nutrigrain bars. 😉 My daddy would be proud of those packing skills!


First Leg Underway

    We have safely arrived in Anchorage. It was kind of wild to fly from Denver to here and not see the sun actually set or move further west in the sky. The flight was eventless, save for a bumpy flight outside of Denver due to some severe thunderstorms. Our plane arrived after our connection was to leave, but our connecting flight was held in the same holding pattern as we were – so no real problems there. Ready to shop??? 🙂

Outside our window at the place we are staying in Anchorage.

And … some pics from the Detroit zoo before we left for Anchorage.


Already? Whoa! Two more weeks and we’re leaving for Savoonga. I can’t believe how time has flown. We are pretty set and have shipped most everything we are going to ship. Levi is enjoying the family time and the lake. I don’t think he quite understands where home is right now, but soon we will be settled in.

Keith has been enjoying all the work at the farm. He mows just about daily, and has taken some dead branches off the beleaguered apple trees. Levi comments daily about the “broke trees”. I have been making the inside more hospitable. We have both been very busy.

But not too busy for some summer fun! Keith got Dad’s boat engine going, so that we will have tubing and waterskiing for the family reunion. The first few trial runs have been great fun.

And Friday, Keith and I will celebrate 10 wonderful years of marriage.

Shipping Stuff

Several people have asked how we are getting stuff way up to Savoonga. Most stuff we are boxing and shipping. Since the house is furnished with major appliances and furniture, we don’t need to worry about that stuff. However, we do have to provide all personal furnishings. This means that we look at the current quality and condition that it is in, figure out how much it would cost to ship it, and weigh that against the cost of the item new (amazon ships for free). Some things we ship, some things are new. For instance, Sears is sending us new towels (flat rate shipping anywhere in the US) since our current towels are 10 years old. Thank you to whomever we recieved them from at our wedding, they have serviced us well.

Some things, like bakeware and toaster/oven/micro, I have been trying to decide on. My friend Wendy has some silicone bakeware she is not using that she is giving me. Thus I will pack up my pyrex and leave it at Dad and Deb’s, just in case I want it later.

And just in case anyone is interested in a “house-warming” gift (a couple people have alluded to this), I have a Wish List on Amazon that I am continually editing/adding to as we decide what we need. There is a link to the right (Wish Lists) that takes you to my Amazon list, which also links to other store sites. 🙂

And what post wouldn’t be complete without the Ham? Who can tell me where this was taken?


Bye Bye Birdie

The plane is sold. Boxes are being shipped. The house is starting to empty, and time is drawing near. One more month in Lansing, one up north, and the next 9 WAY up north.