3 Replies to “Time Lapse”

  1. Very cool photos. But this is just 5 photos taken from your kitchen window. It is not time lapse. I would like for you to do some time lapse photos.

    In a series of time lapse photos, the subject remains fixed in each image. In this case, you need to fix the camera position so that each photo is of the same view, at the same zoom and focal length. Then the similarity of the photos helps accentuate the differences.

    If you removed photo #3, you’d be darned close.

    Tip #2: when shooting through a window, place the camera lens up against the glass. Not only will it steady the camera, but it will also prevent reflections in your photos. 🙂

  2. yeah, yeah, yeah. The third one is technically not out my kitchen window either… but it was a good segue for september, and i have no October shots (I think it was foggy the whole month!). So – deal with it!

    And i didn’t take that first photo. Keith did. 😉 I think we were trying to catch a whale cresting and didn’t bother with such time taking tasks as opening the window. 😉

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