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I went to the Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor – why don’t we have one in Lansing??? – and bought some wheat berries so that I could try my hand at whole wheat bread. I’ve tried before but have always been sorely disappointed with the texture and raising of wheat bread using premilled flour. My wonderful brother mentioned that my wheat needed to be fresh and introduced me to the world of Whole Foods while in TX. So I picked up some wheat berries and, since I don’t have a $200 grain mill, I “milled” them in my $20 blender that I almost put in the yard sale. It worked quite well, I thought. It didn’t mill them to a fine powder, but then I again, I didn’t really try. I like coarse wheat and textured bread, and it looked fine enough to me (i.e., no actual berries left in true form) so I used it. I think if I had let it blend longer it would have milled finer – the stuff at the bottom was much finer and fluffier than at the top. Anyhow, here are the results…

And baby-led weaning is going well too. Levi is content to sit in his high chair with a carrot or green bean or other softened, steamed veggie while we eat (at least for about 15 minutes). This child doesn’t like to sit still for very long. Hmm, I do wonder where he could have inherited that trait from? Anyway, he does actually get the yummy morsel to his mouth and gum off bits, and I know some is actually getting into his digestive system. His diapers are showing clear evidence of that. 😀 And his hand-eye coordination is getting so much better as a result. We will wait until the six month mark to introduce wheat or meat, but until then, veggies and fruits are keeping him busy anyhow. 🙂 So, want to see some pics?


He is growing like a weed too. On 8/7, we got him weighed at his 4 month appointment. He was 13 lbs 8 oz. We took him on Thursday to get weighed, 8/27, so not quite 3 weeks later, and he weighed in at a whopping 14 lb. 12 oz!!! Wowsers! That’s a huge weight gain for him! He also grew just oven an inch.

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Very little beats a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread, minutes after coming out of the oven. Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm. Congratulations. Making a great loaf of bread is a very satisfying achievement.

Love the pictures of Levi. I sure don’t see much Simerson in your little man. Keith, apparently you had a few dominant genes. Way to go!

Whole Wheat Bread V. White Bread – Which One Will Prevail?

Junk food addicts argue with health food nuts, asserting white bread to be the best. The health food nuts retaliate exclaiming about how much better store bought whole wheat bread is than white bread.

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