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20 week Ultrasound Yesterday!

Hey all! You gotta check out these ultrasound pics from yesterday. Our tech was so wonderful, and took the time to explain all the parts she was looking at. The heart has four chambers, the brain is right on track, the bladder had ‘fluid’ and the tummy had stuff in it too. She pointed out the kidneys and everything. We have a very ‘skinny’ nuchal fold, which is great; enlarged ones can be linked to chromosomal abnormalities.

We chose not to know the gender, and none of the pictures show it. Our tech, though, said she got a very clear shot and knows for sure what it is. 🙂 They don’t write it in the chart though, so no one can accidentally spill the beans. So without further ado, here are the latest pictures of Baby Crawford:

us201.jpg us2.jpg

us1.jpg us3.jpg
The feet are pointing to the right, the bottom one is pointing slightly down, flat part is toward us. That was the cutest picture on the monitor, and so clear! Oh, and the heart beat is a nice strong 148. We weighed in at 11 oz and are about 6 inches long. I’m a bit excited now, even though I’m still feeling ill some days.

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I’m already showing him/her off!! I hung up the pics in the SVH break room and on the ‘baby wall’ in the kitchen!!

Woooohoooo! I don’t know who is luckier…you for having such a healthy baby, or the baby for having such a warm, squishy water bed to hang out in all day!
Congrats and thanks for sharing! :o)

We are so happy for you and Keith!
It is comforting to know that you and baby Crawford are well.
I’m rooting for a Jr. so Lucas will have someone to get in trouble with at Family Reunions!

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